Band Camp – 2018

Dates: July 23-27, July 30-Aug 3

(MWF, 9am-6pm – TTR, 9am-8:30 pm)


Band Camp Letter – 2018 band camp letter – please read!

July 22 – Band Camp Registration – 1:30-4:30 – SHHS Grand Topper Hall – see below for more info


All Students MUST have for band camp:

1) ONE gallon Coleman water jug – RED color – (not 1/2 gallon, not blue – if you already have a blue one, that’s fine as long as it is 1 gallon) – can be found on –

2) 1″ white three ringed binder with clear protective sheets.  Warm up material and show music should be inside sheets

3) Wind players will need a lyre and flip folder for their instrument.  This will hold the football show music and stand tunes.  These can be purchased at band camp registration (July 22) from Music Doctors.  These will be needed the 2nd week of camp.

4) Brass players will need a pair white gloves that will be worn at all times in rehearsal.  They can be purchased at BC registration.

Competition show music and football show music can be found below.

Students should report to camp with the Intro and Opener of the competition show memorized.  Students should have the football show music learned and in their flip folder.

Colorguard members will begin choreography July 9th at the next guard camp.


Band Camp Registration Info:

July 22 – 1:30-3 pm (last name A-M), 3-4:30 pm (last name N-Z) Grand Topper Hall



Warm-ups: Brass Manual Pt. 1 Brass Manual Pt. 2 WW Manual Pt. 1 WW Manual Pt. 2

Wind part assignments

Competitive Show:


Midi recording:



Midi Recording



Midi Recording:



Midi Recording:


Football Show: