Band Notes – September 22

Here are some important upcoming events for the SHHS Band:

Pancake Breakfast donations are due this Wednesday. Make sure when you turn in your money to include the ticket tally sheet so we can know how many pancakes to make that morning (can be found on top of gray deposit box beside band office).

Pancake Breakfast is this Saturday from 8-10 am at the Applebee’s on Roan St.  Student workers need to arrive at 7:30 to be trained for the event.  Be sure to wear your band t-shirt.

We are still in need of student volunteers to help serve. Student can sign up in the band room – they will receive community service hours for their efforts.

Our first contest will be at Tenn High on October 4.  Our performance time has been set at 7:00 pm with the awards beginning at 8:10.  An itinerary will be released next week.

Other important dates:

  • October 2 – Booster Meeting – Fruit/Cheese fundraiser kick-off
  • October 3 – Football at home vs Tenn High (Band Alumni Night)
  • October 4 – First competition, Tenn High School (Bristol, TN)
  • October 6-10 – Fall Break
  • October 10 – Football at Sullivan Central – 2 Bus Pep Band (sign-ups next week)
  • October 18 – Competition at Western Carolina (we will leave very early and be back very late)
  • October 24 – Football at Daniel Boone
  • October 25 – SHHS Hilltopper Invitational (Can take ACT that day)
  • October 31 – Football at home, Senior Night
  • November 1 – Contest at UT Chattanooga (will leave very early and be back very late)


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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Dear SHHS Band Families,

Here is some info on our first Fundraiser — Pancake Breakfast at Applebees Sat. Sept. 27th. on Roan Street Johnson City. This is a FREE event, however, we are taking donations and would recommend $5 per person. Tickets will be available during school hours (students receiving them today).

Please write your or your child’s name on the back of the ticket so we can know they were actually given a ticket by a band member/parent.

This is a great chance to put money back into your student’s account. All the money you collect will go directly into your child’s band account and can be used as credit to pay down band account balances.

The money collected needs to be recorded on the Donations sheet (located on the top of the grey box beside band office) and turned into the grey box with a deposit envelope clearly marked Pancake Breakfast with your child’s name on it (also located on top of grey box). We definitely need to know how many people are coming :)

Students will be allowed to get volunteer hours (sign up sheet on bulletin board in band room). They are to arrive ready to go at 7:30 for quick training. Wear band T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. We will wrap up at 10am.

Menu consists of Pancakes, bacon, and a drink. Walk ins are welcome! All walk-in money goes to the general account.

All tickets and money needs to be turned in by Sept. 24.

I am still looking for people to make some bacon at home and bring in to the breakfast. If you can help, please contact me.

Thanks again! GO TOPPERS!

Lisa Norris

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Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Topper Band Parents,

I cannot thank you enough for volunteering last week (serving dinner @ 5:00, chaperoning in the stands, concessions, field crew, and all the other parts that make this possible). You are awesome!!  I hope everyone had the chance to meet some parents, laugh, and enjoy being a part of the SHHS Topper Band organization.

The students, our kids, could not do this without your support.

We still have volunteer “openings” in concessions for the remainder of the games.  Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering.  It is a great way to meet people AND help the band.

Go Toppers!

Kathi Cary


Concession Stand Drink Stockers Needed

We need a few volunteers to load the coolers in the concessions area this coming week and for several other weeks over the remainder of the football season.  Coke orders are placed on Monday and are delivered on Wednesday, some time during the work day to each of the concessions stands.  The coolers can be stocked any time afterward through Thursday evening to be cold for Friday night.

There are 4 buildings (3 are concessions stands) to stock and depending on the order size, stocking time for each is 30 minutes to an hour.  We currently have just one volunteer, Hobie Powell, who covers it all.  Volunteers could work at the same time or volunteer to take a building or two to cover on their own schedule.  I can work out the access if you can find the time.

Please let me know if you would be willing to help.


Chris Shea
President, SHHS Band Boosters

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Kroger Community Rewards Program

Band Families;

The Science Hill Band Boosters are participating in a new program called Kroger Community Rewards. With this new program, the band will receive a donation from Kroger based on the number of people that register their Kroger Plus shoppers card with our organization’s number and how much money they spend at the store. The more people that designate the Topper Band as their charity, the more money we will earn. So please forward this message to anyone and everyone you know and encourage them to register their card today! Posting it on your favorite social media site is also a great way to spread the word.

How do friends help us?

Log into their account at (or they can create a new account with their e-mail address and password if they do not already have one.)

Click on the bright orange Enroll Now button.

Enter 83159 (or science in the Find Your Organization box) and click the bright orange Search button.

Click in the circle immediately before Science Hill High School Band Booster and click the bright orange button at the bottom that says Enroll Now.

When you go to Kroger, use your Kroger Plus card (that you use to accumulate fuel points) and SHHS Band automatically benefits!

It takes 7 – 10 business days for your card to be linked to the band booster account. You can verify that your card is linked to the band account by logging on to and checking under the My Account heading.

Also, certain items do not earn rewards. These include alcohol, tobacco, postage stamps, fuel, lottery tickets, Kroger gift cards or Visa/Mastercard/American Express gift cards. All other items in the store will help earn money for the band.

Laurie Blayney

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Feeding the Band

Dear Parents,

The Hospitality Committee will be feeding the band students before the games on September 12 and September 19.

On September 12 we are providing  Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

On September 19 we are providing pizza (cheese and pepperoni) from Dominoes. We will provide gluten free pizza.

If  your student CANNOT eat these meals due to ANY dietary restriction, please let me know as soon as possible, so we may provide an alternative.

If you wish to bring your student a meal please note that  they will eat @ 5:00.

Thank you,

Kathi Cary
Hospitality Chair

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Change in Fund Raising Policy‏

Band Families;

Those of you who have been part of the SHHS Band Boosters for the past couple of seasons have been part of many discussions about student accounts. We’ve dealt with issues centered around fund-raising, specifically those that put money directly into student accounts to cover individual band costs. We have struggled to find a clear understanding of what the issues are, sought sound advice on becoming compliant with the IRS and have made policy changes. We now understand the issues fully and need to make further changes to our fund-raising policy.

The attached letter outlines the issues and policy changes we will implement as a result. I invite you to read that attachment now.

As this band season began, the Board was preparing to roll out a change which would have placed our fund-raising into two categories: Booster sponsored drives with proceeds returning to Booster general funds and rebate programs which allow parents to direct their rebates into fund accounts for their student’s band expenses. Kroger was the only program which qualified as a rebate program. However in the past 10 days we have learned that Kroger is replacing their rebate program with one which doesn’t designate any contribution by student. (Please see the post below Kroger Cares is now Kroger Community Rewards). So now the Kroger program is effectively the former, conventional group fund-raising.

So where does that leave us?  As we move forward all funds we earn will be returned to the Boosters’ accounts — concessions, dinners, fruit sales and even Kroger rewards will be treated the same. It’s certainly not as helpful to us as parents of band students with individual obligations to cover costs but in order to be compliant with tax laws, we have no option. The natural tendency as parents might be to throw up our hands in frustration and back off of our efforts to raise money for the band. However in the end it will cost parents more if Booster fund-raising falters. We’ll either be left with more costs to be borne by students or the band simply does with less.

The best response for us is to:

  • Make the most of our most successful group fund raiser. That is of course football concessions. We are fortunate that we have the encouragement and cooperation of the athletic department which wants us to be successful and helps us in every practical way. We need to take full advantage by being able to offer the widest range of products at as many events and concession stands as we can. After all, last year concessions accounted for about 60% of our revenue.
  • Dial our other fund-raising up a notch. I’m happy to report that we have a team working on the fruit sales for this year, already exploring some new ways to sell to a broader customer base. We’ll need more of that kind of thinking for our upcoming pancake breakfast as well.
  • Develop new fund raising sources. The bulk of our fund raising is normally completed by Christmas time. Let’s work on some ideas that raise money during the second half of the year. There are a lot of creative people among our band booster members. If you have ideas, come talk to me about them.

The good news is that our peer band programs have dealt with the same fund-raising issues and are still thriving. We are fortunate to live in a city, which in my opinion, is eager to support quality community programs such as Science Hill Topper Band. That’s not so in many towns. I’m confident that we can adjust to our new fund-raising paradigm and keep the Science Hill Band Boosters going and growing.

If you have questions or suggestions, please bring them to the Band Boosters meeting this coming Thursday, September 4 at 7:00 PM in the new cafeteria.


Chris Shea
President, SHHS Band Boosters

Change in Student Account (Charms) Policy – 2014-09-01

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Kroger Cares is now Kroger Community Rewards

Dear Booster Parents,

First of all a very big thank you to Laurie Blayney for her wonderful work with the Kroger Cares program!  She is invaluable to us.

We have received news from Kroger that they are ending their Kroger Cares rebate program effective August 30, 2014.  Any amounts put on your reloadable card through the end of that date will receive a 5% rebate credited to your son/daughter’s Charms account.

Beginning September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015, Kroger is starting Kroger Community Rewards. The rewards benefit your son/daughter indirectly through funds contributed by Kroger to SHHS Band.  However, there will be no breakdown of who has contributed to the rewards and therefore, no individual rebates since this is not a rebate program.  We urge all of you to continue/start purchasing at Kroger because your sons and daughters will benefit every time you shop at Kroger.

So Saturday, load your Kroger Cares gift card and Monday start spending it, making sure you use you Kroger Rewards card.

The new reward program is much easier for you to use.

  • Log into your account at or create an account with your e-mail address and password if you do not already have an account.
  • Click on the bright orange Enroll Now button.
  • Enter 83159 or science in the Find Your Organization box and click the bright orange Search button.
  • Click in the circle immediately before Science Hill High School Band Booster and click the bright orange button at the bottom that says Enroll Now.
  • Whenever you go to Kroger, use your Kroger Plus card (that you use to accumulate fuel points) and SHHS Band automatically benefits!  Thank you.

Many of us are very disappointed by the changes in the reward program, but we can all work together to continue to support the Topper Band through this new program.

Thank you for your continued support!  Go Topper Band!!

Barbara Holmes
Charms Administrator

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